“When should you go to a masseur?”

Once you’ve found the right massager for you, after a few visits, your back will feel better. Then you might start to think about whether you should continue to see a masseur if there is no more pain…?

Here are some tips that may help you make a decision:

When should you go to a masseur?

There is always a good time to get a massage, only health problems can be a barrier to it. Massage is one of the many ways to treat yourself, so it is always beneficial. Unfortunately, the prevailing idea today is that massage is a luxury for a few, even though it should be accessible to everyone.

If you don’t suffer from pain, why go to a masseur?

You don’t have to feel pain to set aside time for a masseur. The mere desire to relax or forget about your daily routine is a good enough reason to go for a massage. You will also find that your masseuse offers different treatments depending on the moment and your reason for booking your time. Namely, it is not the same thing to go for a massage for muscle tension as to look for a relaxing moment.

After three massages, your back will already feel much better. Should the massage be continued, and how often?

If you no longer suffer from pain, you are already on the winning side. But still do not leave the treatment altogether, but discuss it with your masseur. She can tell you how often you should have a massage. His advice on changing your lifestyle is also important so that the pain doesn’t come back easily.

You are pregnant. Can you have a massage?

Of course! Both the expectant mother and the baby will benefit from the positive effects of the massage during pregnancy. Massage can help a pregnant woman avoid swelling, circulatory problems, cramps, insomnia, headaches and other ailments. Both the massage and your posture during it will vary depending on how many times you hear you are pregnant.

Is it worth going for a massage before or after exercise?

It is always advisable to get a massage after an exercise session, except in the case of a sports massage before a competition, in which case the purpose is to warm the muscles for the performance.

When can’t you go to the masseuse?

If you have health problems such as:


Active skin problems (wounds, rose)

Recent injuries


Cardiovascular diseases

If you are not sure if you can visit a masseur because of a health problem, consult your doctor. You can also check with your masseur before the massage.

So now you know you don’t have to wait for your muscles to get stuck to go to the masseur, but it’s always a good time to get a massage. Your masseur can help you achieve a better quality of life! M m

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